Chris Starmer

Professor of Economics, University of Nottingham

Recent CeDEx Discussion Papers

IOS11': A new, extended, interactive version of the 'Inclusion of Other in the Self' scale Malte Baader, Chris Starmer, Fabio Tufano and Simon Gächter, CeDEx 2023-10

Do emotional carryover effects carry over? Tim Lloyd,  Nikhil Masters and Chris Starmer, CeDEx 2022-16

Measuring "group cohesion" to reveal the power of social relationships in team production Simon Gächter, Chris Starmer and Fabio Tufano CeDEx 2022-12 also available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 15512 (Published Version in REStat)

Social closeness can help, harm and be irrelevant in solving pure coordination problems Simon Gächter, Chris Starmer, Christian Thöni, Fabio Tufano, and Till O. Weber CeDEx 2021-09 (Published version in Economics Letters)

An Inquiry Into the nature and causes of the description - experience gap  Robin Cubitt, Orestis Kopsacheilis, Chris Starmer CeDEx 2020-19 (Published version in JRU)

Confidence snowballing and relative performance feedback Zahra Murad and Chris Starmer CeDEx 2020-08 (Published version in JEBO)

Work in Progress

Investigating choice overload  (with Robin Cubitt and Joerg Weber)

Investigating associative thinking: A network exploration task (with Malte Baader, Urs Fischbacher & Fabio Tufano)

Testing a condensed methodology to estimate distributional preferences (with Malte Baader, Simon Gächter & Fabio Tufano)

Narrow bracketing in time allocation decisions (with Robin Cubitt and Richard Mills)

How does lottery representation affect risk preferences? (with Geoffrey Castillo)

Re-examining the 'mere urgency effect' (with Robin Cubitt and Richard Mills)