Chris Starmer

Professor of Economics, University of Nottingham


Reviews of Experimental Economics - Rethinking the Rules: 

Selected Journal  Articles

Introducing IOS11 as an extended interactive version of the ‘Inclusion of Other in the Self’ scale to estimate relationship closeness (with M. Baader, S. Gächter and F. Tufano) Scientific Reports volume 14, Article number: 8901. Published online, April 2024.  

Measuring 'Group Cohesion' to Reveal the Power Of Social Relationships in Team Production (with S. Gächter and F. Tufano), Review of Economics and Statistics. Published online, Feb, 2023.

Communicating the move to individualized donor selection policy: Framing messages focused on recipients and safety (with. E. Ferguson, S. Bowen, C. Lawrence, A. Barr, K. Davidson, C. Reynolds, S.R. Brailsford), Transfusion, 1-11, 2022.  Published online October 2022.

An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Description - Experience gap  (With R. Cubitt and  O. Kopsacheilis), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty. Published online October, 2022. 

Social closeness can help, harm and be irrelevant in solving pure coordination problems. (with S. Gächter, C. Thöni, F. Tufano and T. O. Weber), Economics Letters, Published online May, 2022. 

Confidence snowballing and relative performance feedback. (with Z. Murad), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 190, 550-72, 2021. Published online August 2021.

Contextualised strong reciprocity explains selfless cooperation (despite selfish intuitions and weak social heuristics). (with S. Gächter, O. Isler and J. Maule), Scientific Reports, 2021.

Promoting voter registration: the effects of low-cost interventions on behaviour and norms. (With Felix Kölle, Daniele Nosenzo and Tom Lane), Behavioural Public Policy, Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2020, pp. 26-49. Published online 3 June 2019,

People prefer coordinated punishment in cooperative interactions. (With F. Kölle, L. Molleman, and S. Gächter), Nature Human Behaviour, 3, 1145–1153, 2019. Published online September 2019,

On the priming of risk preferences: The role of fear and general affect. (with Despoina Alempaki & Fabio Tufano), Journal of Economic Psychology. Published online Jan 2019,

Re-examining how utility and weighting functions get their shapes: a quasi-adversarial collaboration providing a new interpretation. (with Despoina Alempaki, Emina Cadic, Tim Mullet, Neil Stewart, William Skylark, and Fabio Tufano), Management Science, 65(10):4841-4862. Published online July 2019,

Is intuition really cooperative? Improved tests support the social heuristics hypothesis (with Isler O, Maule J). PLoS ONE 13(1): e0190560, 2018.

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